With John Hard, Mario Di Cara, Paul Mayland, 3 musicians have come together celebrating Brit Pop and Rock, groovy, rockin tunes and wonderful love songs.

Not many musicians like John Hard are able to combine the rockin guitar tunes with a warm gentle voice, with lyrics from days of our life and his speciality not at last love.

You can hear his Liverpool influences, every tune seems to give you melody, it reminds, and it is one thing, it´s honest.

After listening his songs, you can´t aviod, that the melodies are in and on your mind, and thats what he wants, you to remember and enjoy.


The songwriter John Hard has been playing and working since the 80´s at EMI Electrola Cologne, with Derek Bell "Fischer Z" WDR Studios, Dierk Hill "Eleven Records", Ralf Außen "Dead Guitars", The Substitutes, MPH Band, Okay5, only to mention a few.


After working on new songs, in the last few years in his own Studios "Music Rooms" is now on the road again as John Hard & Band, with Mario Di Cara on the Guitars and Paul Mayland on the drums.


Under "Di Cara Records" the album "Crossing the Fields" was released June 2016.

After only a couple of months John Hard & Band were the winners of the competition "Louder Lev 2016" in Leverkusen, Germany.